I Have To Comment!!!

Let me just say firstly, please excuse the language in this text but I’m somewhat ****ed off.
Now I saw on the Spanish news last night that King Juan Carlos of Spain was in hospital having a tumor in the lung removed which got me and ‘er who must be obeyed in to a discussion about his age so I googled him just to find out.

Now what I came across had me in stitches, seriously I’ve never seen so much shit written about a single individual in my life!! Top of the list, King Juan Carlos is the AntiChrist?? What the fuck is that all about!!
Curiousity got the better of me so I sussed a few out and talk about pure unadultered garbage. Mostly It’s about the 11th country of the EU and the way his name adds up to the number of the beast, and the new Roman Empire yada yada yada – as you can tell, I soon got bored.

My response to all these so called experts/theorists/religious zealots goes something like this. “GET A BIG FAT ONE UP YA!!!!! You pathetic mindless drones.” He is a man, a good Christian man, who in the beginning may or may not have had an ideal launch in to his position as King of Spain (research Franco). Whether you are a royalist or not is irrelevant – what we have here is a man who has undergone surgery for a tumor and with that I say “May the Lord hold you in his arms as you recover.”