Geez Now there’s a first (for a while)

Now hang in there while I sod around with this, it’s the first thing I’ve written in I dunno how long -maybe my muse is raising her head again.

    Ne’er again


Ne’er again shall I bow down before
An Englishman, his wife, his son or his whore
I’ll stand proud ‘neath a flag
With a black and gold cross
A dragon of red inked deep in my chest
My blood its colour, my heart were it rests

Invaders from a land – a land not so far
Murdered our prince, stole our faire
Did we give it so freely – give it open hand
Did we cow down to the bastard son, our free land
Murderers the call, tricksters one and all

Today, now is the time that I call
For all Welshmen to stand up, stand tall
This land so fair so full of dreams and free
Now is the time for both you and for me
To drive the English back on their schemes
Back to their lands away from our dreams

We are a nation old and proud
A nation of poets and bards – speak aloud
Tell the oppressors their time is nigh
Wales will govern itself and rise upon high
We shall stand once again, proud, free and strong
When the English and its government
Its phoney Prince and land holders – gone

Cross of St David

Basically, Twll din pob Sais!