Dogs and Electricity – Do They Mix?

Apparently not!
Here I am happily(?) working away in my little home office when next I hear a yelp, then everything goes off. Now, I knew exactly what happened so I ran outside to see my 9 mth old dog (his pic as a pup is in the gallery) running around in circles in the backyard, the hair on his back standing up and a rather shocked *groan* look on his face.

Turns out the dozy bugger decided to chew his way through a mains line and copped 240 volts on the tongue 🙂 I shouldn’t laugh but it’ll (I hope) teach him to knock off the chewing of everything and anything – and I MEAN ANYTHING!
He’s a cross German Shepherd – Malamute so I would have thought he’d be a bit brighter, not literally sparking up :-P. Trying to calm him down was fun, although only 9 mths he’s a monster of a dog and he ain’t stopped growin’ – oh well, all I can say is ‘yaye for circuit breakers’