Damn it’s warm today

Too bloody warm to spend outside so here I am going through the family tree. I started one a long while back but I got sidetracked and it ended up where most things on a computer end up, filed under “F” for “Frow It Away For Another Day.”

Anyhoo, I started again and really got stuck in to it over the last few weeks, the link is on the right of the page but it can only be accessed by family so if you haven’t got the username and password, shoot me an email and I’ll email it to you.

Apart from that, I’ve updated the CD list (look under the music category) ummm thought about beginning writing again e.g. continue the once was a trilogy that is now five parts hmm I wonder if I can have a five part trilogy 🙂 – plus I’m re-organising my book of short stories to include virtually all of them along with combining the seperate book into one.

On that note I think I’m going to go and write.