As the year wind’s down. . .

I’m going to attempt to do like a top moments, top people, along with their respective opposites. So watch this space to see what gets added, oh and nothing will be in order, just as they come to my feeble memory is how they’re going to be added – I may categorize them though e.g. TV or music etc.

Top Moment: FOURRRRRRRRRR – Tiger Woods coppin an iron up side of his ‘ead.
Top Moment: Australia NOT winning the grand slam.
Top Moment: Scoring Satellite TV – trivial yes but how good are overseas channels.

TV Stuff:
Yummies: Carla Zunino, Chilean TV presenter – Valeria Ortega, Valentina Roth y Gianella Marengo, competitors in a Chilean TV show – Lisa Wilkinson, Michelle Mahone (she makes me larf), Georgie Gardner all off the Today show – Beatriz Perez-Aranda, periodista TVE (Spain) she has amazing eyes.

Planks: Karl Stefanovic, the dude that reads the news on channel nine here in Sydney – I’ve forgotten his name, Lleyton Hewitt – a natural born plank!!