And About Bloody Time Too Two

Well the sites finally finished, the eGallery is all sorted (well close enough to) and I’ve caught up with the news from a squillion years back.

What have I been doing of late? Well seeing as it’s been bloody hot that last few days, sod all – I hate the friggin heat and we’re only just in spring grrrrrrrr s’posed to be bloody hotter tomorrow to.
That’s the whine out the way so what else. Sold CBIS, and boy has the stress level plummeted, umm done a few tatts, painted Dylan’s PeeWee 50 – the boy’s a natch, have to get him on a 125 GP road racer next umm what else oh bought some more tools (a bench drill and bench grinder) oh and I’ve been playing Fable and Brothers In Arms on the HexBox.

For those that are interested in what I currently look like, seeing as the pic of me in the gallery is a few years old here is one taken in May this year – and on that note I’ll catchya’s all later.