About Me

D.O.B : 5-Oct-58
From :
Ely Cardiff, Wales (click here or look it up in an atlas if you don’t know where it is)
Current Locale: Let me put it this way. If the world was an arsehole, A*******a, would be the suppository!! Just change the * to the required letter(s), I ain’t promotin’ the hole – what can I say, I hate the weather..
Marital Status :
Uh huh
Eyes :
2 of, both blue and bloodshot
Children :
3 – all girls
Marisol, Rachael and Jessica

Grand Children :
8 (3 grandsons and 6 grand-daughters also a *great grandson and a great grand-daughter)
Michael, Dylan, Alana-May, Monique, Cheyenne, Mikaylah, Alexis, Madelyn and Max and *Toby, *Penelope
Qualified vehicle painter.
Keyboard player with the band Sinultimata for the last 20+ odd years.

Spanish food
Air Brushing
Body Art
Honest People
Cardiff City Football Club
Real Sporting de Gijon
Working with Timber
Bein’ a Grandad and Great Grandad (*grin*)

New Jap bikes (the old XS1 650 Yamaha’s are cool as well as the ”OLD” Meguro 500 and Kawasaki 650 W1 beezer clones)
Country music
*c*Rap/House/Techno? Pretty much anything that’s made by someone who wouldn’t know music if it punched them in the face, e.g. DJ’s etc!
Those that think they know but don’t yet still insist on arguing anyway
Newsgroup Trolls

Places I’d Like To See

Where I Would Love To Live
Asturias España

Things I’ve Done Or Would Like To Do
Publish a book – (done as of Feb 2004 – two books actually – three now, OK now it’s five with the publication of my? version of the New Testament one in Spanish, one in English)
Drag Racing – (done in a ’71 Ford – best time of 10.6 secs)
Motorcycle Racing – (done on a ’72 GT 550 Suzuki triple)