A new toy spelt TORTURE!! – Part One

Bought myself a 1988 CBR1000F Honda for the princely sum of $1,200 — ooooooh bargain!!!!!!
What I plan on doing, is changing it from its bog stock ‘orrible red n white to a more eye catching pearl red over prussian blue BUT before that can happen it needs a few odds and sods sorted out.

Anyhoo over the next few days/weeks I’ll be adding bits on how I went about fixing things along with what I used e.g. home made playdoh to make molds for the broken right indicator mounts 😛

Ok, first things first came the strip down – what I hate the most is when people lose screws and or bolts and replace them with the wrong type so it took longer than expected with chopping and changing of tools but it went from this

 1988 Honda CBR1000F

to this in about an hour and arf.

Stripped CBR1000F

Next cab off the rank were the repairs – I’ll thumbnail these as there’s a few pictures to go through.
  Cracks EEEEEEEEK Holes - Just Bad Maintenance

 More will be added over the next few days