A new toy spelt TORTURE!! – Part Five

After spraying the thing blue then covering it in copper pearl I stood back, looked at it and said “YUCK!” To be honest it looked like baby poop on LSD so I just packed it all up and let it sit until the afternoon and sanded it flat then yesterday I just grabbed a few more litre tins of tinters, from memory Garnet Red, Maroon, umm eek another red plus lilac, white, russet, blue pearls – poured them all in to one big tin and started stirring.

It actually turned out a quite nice colour – although the photos don’t show it in it’s real appearance, they look a little darker than they actually are and lot less shimmery. You’ll also notice in the shots of the assembled bike the belly pan hasn’t been attached. Why? Easy – I’ve lost the boody screws LOL so I gave up for the day and just parked it.
The next things to do are the wheels and muffler covers in silver – as you can see, they are still that bloody ‘orrible Honda red.

Right Front CBR1000F

Left Lower Fairing CBR1000F Upper Fairing CBR1000F CBR1000F Tank CBR1000F Bits and Pieces

Right Rear CBR1000F Something that is all but impossible to get - a section of the panel set that sits inside the fairing

That last image is the right hand side of part of the panel set that sits inside the fairing to cover up all the wiring etc etc etc. These things are damn near impossible to get and seeing as this is supposed to be a budget fix up it’s a case of card for moulding, fiberglass and bog. That photo was taken before I began the trimming and tidying. Once finished they’re going to be painted silver along with the wheels and the muffler covers – THEN I can start thinking of the custom paint, gotta block it down with superfine first and buff it though.
Total running cost as I sit here is now $1,401 – up 20 bux coz I ran out of thinners 😛 .