A Good Score on Two Counts!

First off, Wales givin Canada a floggin in the rugby. I do have to pay the canucks, we did do em 61 – 3 the last time we played em (in Canada), although this time however they managed to sneek two try’s in to make the score more respectable 61 – 26 at the Mil’ Stadium (LONG LIVE THE ARMS PARK). The second good score was a printer.

Now I can see y’all goin like ‘huh?’ I scored a 24 pin dot matrix Panasonic – what a time saver for knockin’ up tattoo stencils, no more cramps and goin square eyed, just find the line art on the PC and print it – poific stencil, and while it’s printing I’m making sure the machine is runnin’ smooth.
I’ve already sorted a few out for me (might as well get some good use out of it) and Daryl’s s’posed to be comin back on Thursday for some more work so the time it’ll save is gunna be fab (ooh sixties talk).

Adios all