2013 A Year In Review

I thought I’d take a look at the last 12 months seeing as I’m bored shitless so here goes, oh and it’s not gunna be in any real order and mostly it’s my year.

Firstly, wanna say thoughts and prayers are with Michael Shumacher and Brian May – here’s hoping you can beat your battles. The world lost a few this year too, Nelson Mandela, Lou Reed, Richard Briers, plus a few more who escape me.

Got another grand daughter (Madelyn), which reminds me I’ve got to update the about me page 😛 – haven’t done much apart from building guitars, I’ve not personally done much at all – it’s either been too hot or to fnerckin’ boring what 2013 has shown me, is that I seriously hate this country as even though there’s a new government they too have proved that they are fulla shit as the previous ones were. They seem to spend shitloads on rubbish but ignore mental health – typical useless bullshit government.

Now on to Australian TV or should I say ‘the images on Australian TV’s.’ What a total bucket of shite, they touted new channels and what are they? bloody shopping channels, 7 of em!! If you’re interested in shopping or sport you’d be as happy as a pig in shit here, I on the other hand require more mental stimulation so suffice it to say I’ve watched sod all TV – about the only time I use the TV is for the Xbox 😉

Anyway, enough gabbering on have a good 2014