10 Gig Of Junk & Growing

Have you ever looked, I mean REALLY looked at your PC’s HD partitions? In a fit of boredom I decided to check out what in the hell was hiding on the ”D” drive just for the sake of it – WRONG MOVE. Day two and I’m still sorting through numerous directories full of duplicate files, files that date back to 1997, files I knew had but could never find, etc etc etc.

It’s amazing how much junk can be stored on a HD and what’s worse is how much junk can stored on a CDRW that you think is a good back up but ends up being dupes of stuff already on your HD – sorta makes ya wanna type format c: – format d: etc 🙂
Anyhoo, I”ve got ‘Floyds – Final Cut playing in the background so this little break shall end here so I can get back to it or believe me I won’t 😉