Yet Another Toy – VN1500

Added another bike to the stable, a 2000 VN1500 Kawasaki – so that’s the ’95 VN800A and the ’66 Triumph Tiger – oh also picked up a Behringer Neutron, not a bad bit of kit for 500 bux.
This is the VN sitting at the auction place – not too shabby for $1,950 😉

2000 VN1500 Kawasaki Vulcan

Well It’s In Bits

Tore the motor out, pain in the arse just to do a stator but it also gives me the chance to rebuild and re-jet the carbs, polish the rocker boxes, degrease the whole thing, paint the frame and service bits that need servicing e.g. the drive shaft etc – shrug it’s all fun NOT!!



My Bad – But Hey We All Make Mistakes

Measured up the crossover pipe for the exhaust for the Vulcan and they always say measure twice – cut once, I measured twice and still balls’ed it up 🙂 some how I ended up with a crossover pipe that was 4″ too long so I pick up the fixed one, all welded n stuff tomorrow, I’ll get thet fitted along with the Harley tapered turbo’s and thats the exhaust system finished.

All it needs then will be one number plate bulb, two fuel lines and a two vacuum hoses and it’s sweet 😉


Photos and more of the Vulcan

Spent the last few days going through the Vulcan like a dose of the clap and to be honest it’s a little shabbier than first thought but in saying that it’s nothing I can’t fix providing my back don’t give out 😉

Right so what have I done? Drained the oil and replaced it along with the oil screen and filter with new stuff, ripped off the “ears” but after pricing the necessary bits to set it up with K&N’s I decided to stick the “ears” back on (well I’ll do that tomorrow) – this is becoming a nightmare for spare parts costs.

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Yet another new toy? Will the boy ever stop LOL

Well the Honda sold, and with that I had some spare readies to buy summut else to play with, and below is it. A 1986 VN750A Kawasaki or Kumansukmeoff as Steven is apt to call ’em, bought for the princely sum of 2 grand.

What’s it need? Sod all really, just a general tidy up and bloody decent exhaust system. It’s got brand new tyres, a new battery (which gives me a spare) but the exhaust is woeful so I’m looking for a a set of Mac slashcuts that both come out on the same side – it’ll give it a nice note and a better appearance, so watch this space for paint and tidy up shots, oh and I’ve been told to not sell this one or I’ll get fumped 😉

Kawasaki VN750A Vulcan

Kawasaki VN750A Vulcan