Auctions, a Bargain? No.

Auctions used to be somewhere where you could go for a bit of a bargain, but not anymore – they’ve become places where people try to get retail or inflated prices depending on whether or not the item is new or “vintage”.

I regularly wander auction company listings looking for keyboards/synths but usually never see any so it’s back to eBay to troll the never ending shite and bullshit prices. Let’s look at say a Korg Kronos 88 – retail is around the $5,500 mark +/- a bit and what is eBay full of? Yep new Korg Kronos 88’s for that price. I’m confused, where is the bargain that an auction is supposed to bring, sure as hell not anywhere near advertisers of Korg Kronos’.
That’s the new stuff what about ‘vintage’ and I use the term loosely. Let’s look at ermm a Korg M1 there is one retailer/spammer on eBay who seems to think they’re worth a small fortune (or their ego is as inflated as their prices on all their stuff which is fucked up) as in $500 to $600+. My personal opinion on the M1 is one of “BLEH” if you want something like that get a T2EX, but I digress. Other sellers look on eBay to see how much they’re selling for, see this idiots pricing structure and follow suit – my response to that is “BAHAHAHA you cretins!” As far as I’m concerned a mint and I mean MINT M1 is worth no more than $350 as they aren’t a rare piece of kit, and if you don’t like my offer then piss off I’m not that fussed.
There was one there the other week that had a dead keybed, broken keys and a fading screen and they wanted $300 as a starter – give me a break sheesh.
It seems to me that if you put the words keyboard and synthesizer together people assume they’re on a winner – you know the type, find a cheezy Casio at a garage sale for ten bux, take it home, grab a few snaps and stick it on eBay for ten or twenty times the price when in reality the damn thing is a door stop, nothing more nothing less.

Ehh I’m bored now, rant over ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now That’s Weird

Go figure, even though it was the Roland that hit the deck yesterday, I just finished plugging in all the midi cables etc and had a spare pair so I thought I’d try the T2ex Korg again as it’s been a real pain and I’ve never successfully managed to get the midi working correctly with that – anyway long story short, plug the cables in to the Korg and WALLOP working midi WOOHOO ๐Ÿ™‚

Naff T2EX Display

Replaced the EL (backlight) in the Korg last month with a nice new blue one and decided to continue recording some stuff for the album and what do I see when I fire the Korg up? Yes you guessed it, a naff display.

It worked perfectly when I originally fitted it, damn I even took a damn sight more care than I normally do when I’m fixin’ stuff as the Korg T2EX even though old, is my all time fave piece of kit for a few reasons, one is obviously the sounds and two my youngest picked it up for me – ehh call me sentimental, or just mental ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyhoo, email sent to the mob I bought the EL off to see what they can do if they’ll do anything. Keep an eye open here coz either way I’ll be commenting, beit good or bad on ’em.

This is the backlight as it is now, pic one shows it as it is, pic two highlights the problem – oh and no I’m not taking better pictures, I couldn’t be stuffed moving the Moog from the keyboard stand that’s above the Korg.

Korg T2EX Display ProblemPic 1

Korg T2EX Display ProblemPic 2

Korg T2ex Samples

Just thought I’d list what sample sets I’ve got for the T series Korgs.

Adam Smialek
Alexis Charlet 1
Alexis Charlet 2
Bonus PCM Disk
Dan Nordtrop Porgs Combis 1
Dan Nordtrop Porgs Combis 2
Dan Nordtrop Porgs Combis 3
Dan Nordtrop Porgs Combis 4
EasySounds Universal Collection
EXP Card – MPC001
EXP Card – MPC002
EXP Card – MPC003
EXP Card – MPC004
EXP Card – MPC005
EXP Card – MPC006
EXP Card – MPC007
EXP Card – MPC008
EXP Card – MPC009
EXP Card – MPC010
EXP Card – MPC011
EXP Card – MPC012
EXP Card – MPC013
EXP Card – MPC014
EXP Card – MPC015-Drum Kits
EXP Card – MPC016
Greenhouse Sound 1
Greytsounds – Country – Acoustic – Folk
Greytsounds – Masteram – 100
Greytsounds – Pop – Rock – Vol1
Hitaye Studio
MUG-Vol 01
MUG-Vol 02
MUG-Vol 03
MUG-Vol 04
MUG-Vol 05
MUG-Vol 06
MUG-Vol 07
MUG-Vol 08
MUG-Vol 09
MUG-Vol 10
MUG-Vol 11
MUG-Vol 12

Lay Your Weary Head (Old Soldier) Revisited

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJayYBP0x8Q’]

Originally created to remind one and all of the 11th day of the 11th Month 2012, the poem was written in a matter of moments and is from the heart – I put no real thought in to it whatsoever.
Fast forward to April 2013 and I find myself revisiting ‘Lay Your Weary Head (Old Soldier)’ not to glam it up but to add, modify, enhance what was simply a poem to those that fought on all fronts in all wars.
For the poem and a transcript of the narrative, click here to Continue reading

Changes Again

Got a teeny bit bored working so I thought I’d sneek a different look in to the site, I don’t think I’ve had a blue look before so I headed that way ๐Ÿ˜‰

So apart from work, what else have I been up to? Sod all really, just mucking about with the synth’s and the like. Just waiting on 5 x 5 pin din leads to front so I can connect the Korg and DX27 through the E-MU XMidi 2×2 in to the PC, that way I can import various different bits and pieces mwoohahaha oh and connect both keyboards together as well, dunno what the hell is gunna happen when I do but we’ll see soon enough providing the postman gets his arse in to gear!!

Installed FL Studio 10 the other day, haven’t had much of play (work pfft) but as soon as I do I’ll pass on my thoughts – It’s going to have to work hard to beat Reason though as the UI is so easy on that, I’m more interested in making music not dickin’ about with clunky UI’s.