The Squier now lives again

Finally – well apart from strap buttons got the Strat back together and with the HH set up it sounds wayyyyyy smooth,


Fender Squier with HH pups

I think I lucked in with the pups as I was half expecting a grungy sorta sound but the sound it’s got is so much better.
Y’all are probably still wondering why the f**k I bothered spending so much time on a Squier, well all I can say is why not – there’s nothing wrong with them and with some minor tweeking they can be made to play and sound bloody great.

Fender Squier with HH pups


Still Waiting On Bits For The Squier

So I thought I’d fit up all the electrics – ended going for a white scratch plate instead of grey. Why? I hear you ask (not) well I couldn’t get a grey one – pretty simple really 😉

Squier by Fender fitted with HH Scratch Plate


Yet Another Toy ;)

On eBay the other day I came across a blue Fender Squier Strat, a touch ratty but the winning bid (mine) was only 56 bux so you don’t argue do ya 😉 Squier Stratocaster by Fender The picture you see is off eBay, and as you can clearly see it’s missing a tuner and the strap buttons so it was back to eBay to order a new set of tuners, ended up buying two sets, one for this and one set for the Telecaster. While I was there I bought a set of strap buttons and an impulse buy of a new tremolo bridge as the original to me was just a tad untidy for what I was going to do to it.
All up it still only owes me around a ton and with all the bits I’ve got here anyway, it’ll still only owe me the same sorta dough when it’s finished and nice tidy ones are hard to get for a ton for some bizarre reason so I’m pleased.

So you’re probably thinking ‘what is this lunatic going to do to it?‘ Well I shall show you with the following four fotos, the first two shows it stripped of all hardware, the next two show it STRIPPED period 😉 Depending on the condition of the timber I’m just going to clear varnish it, but with that said though it does depend on how the timber looks after I get all the remaining crap off it – we shall see. Oh and a quick inspection of the timber shows it to be fairly good considering it was made in China in 2002 AND it’s bloody heavy to boot 😛 so the Fender factory had a fairly decent quality control system in China at one stage!

Fender Squier Stratocaster in Blue (front) Fender Squier Stratocaster in Blue (back) Fender Squier Stratocaster (stripped front) Fender Squier Stratocaster (stripped back)
Squier Body Back 50 percent done Squier Body Front 50 percent done Squier Body Back 50 percent done Squier Body Front 50 percent done

As you can quite plainly see now, the body has been completely well apart from the obvious blue inner bits, been sanded by hand I might add to a super smooth finish and had the first 10 coats of lacquer which will get sanded down super flat tomorrow and it’ll get another 5 coats of lacquer – it’ll get to sit yet another day and get sanded back and hand buffed.