Progressive Rock

CD’s Updated and More

Just updated the CD list, don’t ask me what – I can’t remember the thirty or so I’d picked up since my last update, just did a cut and paste from the text file I keep the names in.
I should also add Edgar Froese’s – Aqua, Synergy’s – Electronic Realisations for Rock Orchestra and Tangerine Dream’s – Stratosfear to the LP list but I just couldn’t be bothered at the moment as I’m kernackered after finishing the item below – Adagio in G Minor, not as complex as I thought it was going to be and fun to do except when you get to the final mix *shudder*

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Sinultimata – Prelude in E

This is not from the Suite Espanola, just a bonus track.
Prelude in E – Manuel Maria Ponce
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Autumn Nightmares

Autumn Nightmares – Sinultimata