Yet another new toy? Will the boy ever stop LOL

Well the Honda sold, and with that I had some spare readies to buy summut else to play with, and below is it. A 1986 VN750A Kawasaki or Kumansukmeoff as Steven is apt to call ’em, bought for the princely sum of 2 grand.

What’s it need? Sod all really, just a general tidy up and bloody decent exhaust system. It’s got brand new tyres, a new battery (which gives me a spare) but the exhaust is woeful so I’m looking for a a set of Mac slashcuts that both come out on the same side – it’ll give it a nice note and a better appearance, so watch this space for paint and tidy up shots, oh and I’ve been told to not sell this one or I’ll get fumped 😉

Kawasaki VN750A Vulcan

Kawasaki VN750A Vulcan