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Asturcon BB-4 Bass

Decided to restore the Asturcon bass, but upon inspection I found that the damn thing has been painted a million times and it’s going to take me a million times longer than I’d hoped/wanted but in saying that it’s going to look just the way it’s supposed to.

Couple of things I’ve noticed, firstly the two ebony strips that run down the centre had been filled and the whole thing had been re-sealed with enough fibreglass resin to keep a ship afloat which is a serious annoyance as although it’s basswood, a wood that has tight grain it can be made to look great, it just takes a little care and patience, something the previous owner obviously didn’t have, hence the glass resin over factory paint over glass resin – no doubt used to fill imperfections.

Secondly the neck pocket had a badly cut 2mm thick piece of pine glued in to it, this just popped out with some gentle persuasion, and apart from making the neck sit higher in the pocket I can’t see why it was there. It’s gone now so time will tell, that is if it sounds crap then maybe I’ll need to put it back but I still can’t work out the reasoning behind it as the neck now sits better and lines up better? Maybe idiots should leave guitars alone instead of trying to make a silk purse out of a sows ear and accept them for what they are e.g. you get what you pay for.

Obviously, this guitar had seen better days, and probably numerous owners. It sounded fine but looked crap so fingers crossed it will again look and sound the way it should.

Asturcon BB-4 Back Asturcon BB-4 Front

Time Travel

Sat there last night watching a scientist’s view on Dr Who and the more they babbled on the more it showed that Dr Who has a lot to answer for in regards to science fiction/fact crossovers – how cool is that.

The bit I found interesting the most was time travel (as you would ;)) but the more I thought of it, the worse it got IF you could travel backwards in time. Extreme scenario would be if you for example saved a child from being run over and that child then grew up to be the worlds most wanted terrorist, whilst not affecting you personally, the world would definately change because of his existence.
You couldn’t go back a visit your parents when you were a toddler e.g. you knock on the their door with a fake story – you know oops sorry wrong house. Now they may just fob you off BUT when you return to your own time there would have to be a ghost of a memory of someone who looked IDENTICAL to you who knocked on their door decades ago.

Damn this time travel is like walking on egg shells, makes you think though 🙂

Still Sorting The Site Out

Noticed quite a few missing images, so as you can well imagine I’m still sorting the site out. I’ll get there luna or later 😉

Was Wembley – Now EPL

This was originally posted in 2008, but things, circumstances and people change so here it is again 😉

Our Father who art in EPL
Mackay be thy name.
Thy football come goals will be done, by Medel, Odemwingie & Whittingham,
Give us this day
Our daily bread
And forgive us our offside
As we tackle those who trespass against us
And lead us not into bad discipline
But deliver us from relegation
For Cardiff is the kingdom, the bluebird & the dragon
For ever & ever
‘Aright butt’

Just In Case You’ve Noticed

The site being up and down like a fiddlers feckin elbow – I swapped hosts and what a soddin mistake that was grrrrrrrrrrr

Oh Well

We had to lose at home sooner or later, pity it had to be against the magpies and on me birthday – bastards!!

RIP Steve Hill

Bloodrock, an oft forgotten band from Ft Worth Texas – forgotten by most but never by me, so much so I named my youngest daugther after the track ‘Jessica’ off Bloodrock 3. Just found some sad news though, Steve Hill, keyboardist extraordinaire has just passed away.
A sad day for me indeed, I spent many an hr on the phone to TX talking music with him, yes I can say I knew him and proudly too.

RIP Stevie, you Jon Lord and Vincent Crane can rock out the B3’s in Heaven.

Blacktown Council – What A Rort

With the new dawg we are doing the right thing and making sure he’s vaccinated, wormed, micro-chipped etc but you still have to contact the local council – in my case Blacktown to register a dog. So I gave them a call and sure no probs you can reg him WHEN he’s 6 mths old and it’s gunna cost $150. 150 bux? What are they gunna deliver free food for him daily or summut? It’s nowt but a feckin rort as far as I’m concerned, I could get it for $40 if I got his nuts cut off but that ain’t happening, sure lets neuter a purebred animal just to get a discount!!


Now That’s Weird

Go figure, even though it was the Roland that hit the deck yesterday, I just finished plugging in all the midi cables etc and had a spare pair so I thought I’d try the T2ex Korg again as it’s been a real pain and I’ve never successfully managed to get the midi working correctly with that – anyway long story short, plug the cables in to the Korg and WALLOP working midi WOOHOO 🙂

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