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2013 A Year In Review

I thought I’d take a look at the last 12 months seeing as I’m bored shitless so here goes, oh and it’s not gunna be in any real order and mostly it’s my year.

Firstly, wanna say thoughts and prayers are with Michael Shumacher and Brian May – here’s hoping you can beat your battles. The world lost a few this year too, Nelson Mandela, Lou Reed, Richard Briers, plus a few more who escape me.

Got another grand daughter (Madelyn), which reminds me I’ve got to update the about me page 😛 – haven’t done much apart from building guitars, I’ve not personally done much at all – it’s either been too hot or to fnerckin’ boring what 2013 has shown me, is that I seriously hate this country as even though there’s a new government they too have proved that they are fulla shit as the previous ones were. They seem to spend shitloads on rubbish but ignore mental health – typical useless bullshit government.

Now on to Australian TV or should I say ‘the images on Australian TV’s.’ What a total bucket of shite, they touted new channels and what are they? bloody shopping channels, 7 of em!! If you’re interested in shopping or sport you’d be as happy as a pig in shit here, I on the other hand require more mental stimulation so suffice it to say I’ve watched sod all TV – about the only time I use the TV is for the Xbox 😉

Anyway, enough gabbering on have a good 2014


Tan Out

There can be no greater face slapping for a foreign national pretending to be a football manager than having his name ridiculed in his own countries media.

The following is from the ‘Malaysian Insider’ – link to the story at the end.

At a time when our Prime Minister touts that the government is doing all it can to curb our spiraling deficit, it seems puzzling that they were more than eager to splurge RM15 million to aid Vincent Tan in his sponsorship for Cardiff City.

Furthermore, when queried over why our government was willing to waste RM15 million of taxpayer’s money on this, Tourism and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz stated that the deal covering one season would help the ministry gain global “publicity and public relations” benefit and to attract high-end tourists from the United Kingdom and other Western European nations to Malaysia.

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Fixed The CD List Again

Because there’s close to 1800 CD’s now listed I split the list more to make it easier to troll through 😉


Updated CD List Again

Just got around to updating the CD list, more in the A’s, D’s n M’s

Have fun.


11/11 Lay Your Weary Head

This was penned this 11/11 and where it came from I’ve no idea, I’m not a poet (as can clearly be seen) more a fiction writer – perhaps distant thoughts of family who’d served and of course the countless others. It was suggested that perhaps it would be good as a video, so me and my trusty Korg T2EX did the music, the images are public domain.

Lay Your Weary Head.

Through mud they trudged
As deep as their knees
Thoughts lingered on
Of families

Many had gone but many stayed
In unmarked graves
Were where they laid
From friends a silent prayer was said
Then over the top they went ahead

Bullets cut them down en masse
Some they say should have been in class
Learning English, ‘rithmetic and fun
But battle on, they did as one

Now lay your weary head old soldier
Your battles fought your war is over
No need to remember what you’ve done
Your memories live on in everyone

Lest We Forget

©Copyright Carl Bratcher 11/11/11


Update on the Bass Restore

Go figure, when I finally got all the paint out of the pots pocket what do I find – Ensambladas en España or something similar I’ll keep cleaning and see if that’s exactly what it says 🙂


Asturcon BB-4 Bass

Decided to restore the Asturcon bass, but upon inspection I found that the damn thing has been painted a million times and it’s going to take me a million times longer than I’d hoped/wanted but in saying that it’s going to look just the way it’s supposed to.

Couple of things I’ve noticed, firstly the two ebony strips that run down the centre had been filled and the whole thing had been re-sealed with enough fibreglass resin to keep a ship afloat which is a serious annoyance as although it’s basswood, a wood that has tight grain it can be made to look great, it just takes a little care and patience, something the previous owner obviously didn’t have, hence the glass resin over factory paint over glass resin – no doubt used to fill imperfections.

Secondly the neck pocket had a badly cut 2mm thick piece of pine glued in to it, this just popped out with some gentle persuasion, and apart from making the neck sit higher in the pocket I can’t see why it was there. It’s gone now so time will tell, that is if it sounds crap then maybe I’ll need to put it back but I still can’t work out the reasoning behind it as the neck now sits better and lines up better? Maybe idiots should leave guitars alone instead of trying to make a silk purse out of a sows ear and accept them for what they are e.g. you get what you pay for.

Obviously, this guitar had seen better days, and probably numerous owners. It sounded fine but looked crap so fingers crossed it will again look and sound the way it should.

Asturcon BB-4 Back Asturcon BB-4 Front

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