The Death of the Community

When we first moved to where we currently are some 20+ years ago, there was a sense of community – but over the years that’s died along with everything else today.
I can remember when neighbours spoke over the fence and we were lucky, we had good neighbours on both sides – the rot began to set in when one set of neighbours sold up to an investor who rented the house out to any feral bastard that was willing to pay the rent. The neighbour on the other side, an elderly lady ended up in a care home so her housing department house ended up being rented to more feral wops who caused shed loads of trouble for years until they did a moonlight flit, now we have more feral neighbours – it seems like the housing department don’t care who they put in to their houses.
We’ve watched houses across the street turned in to glorified wop mini mansions, granny flats filling every available space which adds more car and foot traffic, the private school across the street turn in to a meeting place for out of the area yobbo’s, plus the obligatory drug dealers up the street.

The community feeling/spirit has died, more’s the pity. There was a time when you nearly always got a good morning/afternoon from someone walking down the street – doesn’t happen anymore, probably because people are either to wrapped up in their own existence or to paranoid in case they get abused, so it’s head down and pretend no-one is there.

It wasn’t that long ago that a 10 year old (age irrelevant – it was the first that came to mind) wouldn’t even consider giving cheek to an adult, today you’re lucky to not get a mouth full of foul language from the little bastards even after they’ve just smashed your letter box or tore out your flowers.

Today is the pre-cursor of tomorrow and continuing on its current path, man has little if anything to look forward to apart from work, and most only do that to exist. The pleasure of living somewhere where people communicated daily is gone. The pleasure of living somewhere where you could grow plants, have a nice garden etc is gone simply because of the yobbos who insist in trashing what YOU have just because they’re mindless little shits. The pleasure of living somewhere where you could sit in your garden and read a book in peace and quiet is gone due in no small part to the cramped living that the government is allowing without questioning whether or not it will impact the lives of those that have to live in and or around those cramped conditions.

Who does one blame? Well that’s fairly easy, the bloody greens, the PC brigade and the gutless government.

What would I do given the opportunity? Bloody move well away from the city, to somewhere where community standards still exist – antarctica perhaps <- sarcasm – probably somewhere small, the only problem is somewhere small usually means nil access to the internet, something I need as I need to send tracks to the studio.

Ehhh I suppose I could always buy a shotgun, that might bring back a sense of community spirit if I shoved it in the faces of feral neighbours and yobbos!!


Finally added the LP’s

As the title says, I finally got around to adding the LP’s from the previous post to the LP’s page – getting slack in my old age 😉


CD’s Updated and More

Just updated the CD list, don’t ask me what – I can’t remember the thirty or so I’d picked up since my last update, just did a cut and paste from the text file I keep the names in.
I should also add Edgar Froese’s – Aqua, Synergy’s – Electronic Realisations for Rock Orchestra and Tangerine Dream’s – Stratosfear to the LP list but I just couldn’t be bothered at the moment as I’m kernackered after finishing the item below – Adagio in G Minor, not as complex as I thought it was going to be and fun to do except when you get to the final mix *shudder*



Leave Won, Remain Want a Re-Run – Wankers.

The remain camp of the #Brexit, #VoteLeave, #EuRef are now crying in their latte’s over the fact the referendum went to the leave camp. It seems to me that they will continually cry until they bring the UK to its knees. I sort of compare it to a football match. The remain camp constantly lose but demand a replay every time and will do until they finally win.
Sorry people, democracy doesn’t work like that so in short look at the picture below – I think you’ll get the idea.

Remain Voters STFU

Remain Voters Need to STFU

#Brexit #VoteLeave #EuRef


Auctions, a Bargain? No.

Auctions used to be somewhere where you could go for a bit of a bargain, but not anymore – they’ve become places where people try to get retail or inflated prices depending on whether or not the item is new or “vintage”.

I regularly wander auction company listings looking for keyboards/synths but usually never see any so it’s back to eBay to troll the never ending shite and bullshit prices. Let’s look at say a Korg Kronos 88 – retail is around the $5,500 mark +/- a bit and what is eBay full of? Yep new Korg Kronos 88’s for that price. I’m confused, where is the bargain that an auction is supposed to bring, sure as hell not anywhere near advertisers of Korg Kronos’.
That’s the new stuff what about ‘vintage’ and I use the term loosely. Let’s look at ermm a Korg M1 there is one retailer/spammer on eBay who seems to think they’re worth a small fortune (or their ego is as inflated as their prices on all their stuff which is fucked up) as in $500 to $600+. My personal opinion on the M1 is one of “BLEH” if you want something like that get a T2EX, but I digress. Other sellers look on eBay to see how much they’re selling for, see this idiots pricing structure and follow suit – my response to that is “BAHAHAHA you cretins!” As far as I’m concerned a mint and I mean MINT M1 is worth no more than $350 as they aren’t a rare piece of kit, and if you don’t like my offer then piss off I’m not that fussed.
There was one there the other week that had a dead keybed, broken keys and a fading screen and they wanted $300 as a starter – give me a break sheesh.
It seems to me that if you put the words keyboard and synthesizer together people assume they’re on a winner – you know the type, find a cheezy Casio at a garage sale for ten bux, take it home, grab a few snaps and stick it on eBay for ten or twenty times the price when in reality the damn thing is a door stop, nothing more nothing less.

Ehh I’m bored now, rant over 😉


Libro de los Muertos or The Book of the Dead

Knocked over another Cigar Box Guitar, Libro de los Muertos or The Book of the Dead.
Oak Neck, Fretted – dunno what the fretboard timber is, just scrap, but it burns well. Humbucker knicked from an Ibanez, volume knob from an early 70’s Kriesler stereo, DIY tailpiece with Fender type bits, leather strapping knicked from my old club vest.
Just waiting on the tailpiece timber cover to dry and tweak the frets and that is that 🙂 must admit the damn thing is loud!!
Libro de los Muertos or The Book of the Dead


Plodding Along

What with near to and 40+ degrees it’s been way too hot to spend time in the shed, but I’ve caught up a bit now it’s cooled down. The V-Star Embossed is ready for final assembly, the neck is black with a transparent black fretboard and ebony fret markers, you can see the internal pup assembly in the photo. This’ll be the first and last tin I use unless I can find a thicker one as this one was just that tad too thin.

V-Star Embossed Tin CBG
V-Star Embossed Cigar Box GuitarLibro de los Muertos and Shovellin just need their necks and minor tweaking e.g. edge sanding and the speedo surround fitted and they’re ready to go too.
Libro de los Muertos and Shovellin


Four More Cigar Box Guitars

Yes, four 😉 Seeing as I had a stack of marine ply I cut it all to CBG size so now I’ve got masses of tops, bottoms, ends and sides, with that said I started on one, then another and another to the point where I ended up with five body’s ready to go. Discarded one as the more I looked at it the more I disliked it and have ended up with the four as shown in the pic.

They are as follows:
From LtoR Rock On’ – Three string acoustic, Libro de los Muertos or Book of the Dead for non-Spanish speakers – Three string semi acoustic with humbucker, V-Star Embossed (cheers Con) – Three string semi-acoustic, Shovellin’ – Three string acoustic oh and the Shovelhead engraving is off centre on purpose, I didn’t want the bridge to cover it.
All need final tweakin’ but not gunna say what to which one 😉

Four CBG's On The Go

                     Four CBG’s On The Go


Started on the third CBG

Decided to make the box and all with this one 😉 Talk about getting carried away. It’s got a three string Tasmanian Oak neck with Fender type tuners, just waiting on the neck glue to dry before final shaping – taking my time as I’m also waiting on brass corners for the box.

Ned Kelly Cigar Box Guitar

Ned Kelly Cigar Box Guitar

UPDATE 20th Jan: It’s finally finished – damn neck fought me like you wouldn’t believe.

Ned Kelly Tribute Cigar Box Guitar

Ned Kelly Tribute Cigar Box Guitar