Well There’s A Few More

Added a few more photos to the gallery, one’s I’d found hiding in a folder on the ‘F’ drive. Anyway, what happened today? Well I managed to finish Dylan’s bike and started to weld up the few rust spots on the Rodeo. . . Personally I shouldn’t attempt to weld car steel, I tend to make the holes bigger but I spose I gotta learn, I did manage to get some nice welds on the windscreen pillar from where I ripped the aerial off – I bloody hate them aerials.

What else – oh cleaned me shed and got a fright when ‘er indoors was feedin the birds in the aviaries – she’s like ooh expletive the birds got out (rainbow lorikeets) so I jog out to have a look n all it was, was three natives hangin round the aviary, all ours were counted for BUT about arf hour later she says one of the Kakariki got out which it had the bugger.

Took like an hour of coaxing to get the sod back in the aviary but he won’t leave coz the hen was still in there. we ended up partitioning the aviary and left the door open and he flew in, dozy sod.

Apart from that, we’ve got a touch of rain here and it’s cooler which is good and on that note I’m off to play the HexBox



The Obligatory Christmas Story

As is my want, it’s time for the Christmas story – the same Christmas story that I post every year but is relevant today as it was two years ago.

A twelve inch plastic tree pressed firmly into an old chipped cooking pot blinked forlornly, highlighting the neatly wrapped presents that lay around it. Presents for his two sons and daughter, presents that each year increased the pile. Sitting at his table, he stared at his meagre Christmas fair – the roast chicken with boiled and roasted potatoes, sprouts, peas, beans and Yorkshire pudding all covered in gravy and mint sauce.

A bottle of cider (non alcoholic, he hadn’t touched alcohol for years) fizzed and popped as he poured it into his glass. Bowing his head, hands clasped he muttered a prayer of thanks and hope but deep down he knew his hopes would once again be dashed – slowly he began to eat.

His meal finished, he popped the single cracker, its bang echoing throughout his two room flat. The hat and toy landed on the floor where they would stay untouched until the time came to clear the table ‘tomorrow’ he muttered.
Making his way to the pile of presents he rubbed them gently, disturbing the dust from those that lay near the bottom of the pile – then standing he walked out the door.
A light drizzle touched his face as his feet shuffled along the cracking pavement. Crossing the road he pushed the park gates open and walked across the grass to the bench under the old oak tree.
Sitting down he hitched his jacket up and forced his hands into his pockets for warmth. Giggling gleeful children rode new bikes and skateboards across his vision; slowly he pulled a fading and cracked photograph and cradled it as one does a new born baby.
Darkness began to slip into his Christmas day – house lights opposite the park now illuminating his life – one in particular, but try as he might he just couldn’t see through the window, then as if snuffing out a candle the curtains were drawn and the light along with his hopes vanished.
The walk back to his flat seemed to take longer every year, but with each step came a twinge of hope – a hope that maybe next year he would see his children on Christmas day, the children he hadn’t seen on that day for three years – oh how he’d exchange all his visitation rights for just one Christmas morning.

Fanciful fiction? Maybe but then again maybe not.

How many fathers are there on this planet who work day in and day out, to pay child support but because of a lop-sided legal system miss out on watching their children tear frantically at Christmas wrapping paper, their eyes bulging at the sight of the many and varied presents that lay in front of them?
Granted there are some fathers that should only get supervised visits – damn some should be supervised by an armed security guard but they’re in the minority. What of the majority?
Where this came from is beyond me – maybe Christmas and the fact it’s become nothing more than another Hallmark day with a TV full of pathetic soft porn American comedies is sending me off on the sadness slide. As it happens, all my kids grew up with two parents – sheesh my youngest will be 23 on Boxing day so I can say I’m one of the lucky ones.
All the best for the season.


Well One Can’t Complain I S’pose

After calling Mitsubishi, they weren’t terribly impressed with the techy mob that initially looked at the 19″ so it’s now been shipped off to another mob (was picked up last Friday). I guess I’ll be stuck on the 17″ for a while, hopefully I get the 19″ back before Christmas but I’m not holding my breath.



Still Waitin

Not a peep from the mob fixin me 19″ monitor, startin to get a touched pissed again – might call em tomorrow n see how they’re goin with it IF AT ALL!!
Not much has been happenin round here, tattooed a semi neckid bird on Daryl’s leg (did I tell y’all this?) umm decided to reinstall windas coz it was gettin flakey, been creating line-art for the all the tatts I’ve got, wish I could batch job it sheesh wotta time saver that’d be.
My daughters mate went racing at Eastern Creek this weekend (this is the car I used to sponsor before selling my business), it sorta went like this.
Friday (practice): Broke axle in car 1 and saw car 2 play pinball off the concrete walls, spend Friday night fixing cars.
Saturday (race 1): Comes third in car 1 while driver 2 takes car 2 to 5th
Sunday (race 2): Car 1 throws another axle after 2 laps then when the car was being returned to the pits after the race it fell off the truck – car 2 places another 5th
Sunday (race 3): Mad rush to get car 1 ready, makes it to 5th and a gremlin decided to play which caused a mis-fire and saw him drop back to 11th, car 2 gained another 5th place.
Personally I woulda slapped the towie for bein a dick *shrug* anyway gunna see if I can attach a pic of the car dangling precariously off the side of the truck
Adios All

Lemme Off!!


A Good Score on Two Counts!

First off, Wales givin Canada a floggin in the rugby. I do have to pay the canucks, we did do em 61 – 3 the last time we played em (in Canada), although this time however they managed to sneek two try’s in to make the score more respectable 61 – 26 at the Mil’ Stadium (LONG LIVE THE ARMS PARK). The second good score was a printer.

Now I can see y’all goin like ‘huh?’ I scored a 24 pin dot matrix Panasonic – what a time saver for knockin’ up tattoo stencils, no more cramps and goin square eyed, just find the line art on the PC and print it – poific stencil, and while it’s printing I’m making sure the machine is runnin’ smooth.
I’ve already sorted a few out for me (might as well get some good use out of it) and Daryl’s s’posed to be comin back on Thursday for some more work so the time it’ll save is gunna be fab (ooh sixties talk).

Adios all


Ripped Off Again

Well, not so much ripped off – more pissed off!!!

The techy is saying he can’t replicate the problem with the 19″ monitor – the 17″ won’t be back ’til Satdee and the laptop I bought was a complete dud and I won’t get a replacement until the middle (more like the end) of next week, so the upshot is I’m stuck having to use someone else’s laptop that has none of my graphics/audio progs so I”m now bored shitless. . .

Later all


Pardon Me While I Kick Something

Well I can’t kick the Compaq monitor, that went in the bin when it stopped working – I can however kick the Mitsubishi 93SB 19″ but it’s pointless coz it goes back for warranty repairs tomorrow – so at the mo I’m using an LG 17″ scary thing that goes ZAP every now n again but hey it keeps me on me toes. What else do I wanna kick? Oh the seller of one Powerbook G3 laptop here are the specs.

Powerbook G3 333 (Lombard)
128 Meg ram
15″ screen
What do I get when it turns up from the eBay seller?
Powerbook G3 400 (Lombard)
192 Meg ram
14″ screen
Partially dead keyboard
and this boofhead has got a rating in the 1,000’s be buggered if I know how seein as it took a week to get here when it should’ve taken 3 days tops and he’s as fast at answering emails as I am at running the mile and trust me if ya saw me run yo”d know what I meant.

Anyway I”m off to make coffee before I DO actually kick summut



And About Bloody Time Too Two

Well the sites finally finished, the eGallery is all sorted (well close enough to) and I’ve caught up with the news from a squillion years back.

What have I been doing of late? Well seeing as it’s been bloody hot that last few days, sod all – I hate the friggin heat and we’re only just in spring grrrrrrrr s’posed to be bloody hotter tomorrow to.
That’s the whine out the way so what else. Sold CBIS, and boy has the stress level plummeted, umm done a few tatts, painted Dylan’s PeeWee 50 – the boy’s a natch, have to get him on a 125 GP road racer next umm what else oh bought some more tools (a bench drill and bench grinder) oh and I’ve been playing Fable and Brothers In Arms on the HexBox.

For those that are interested in what I currently look like, seeing as the pic of me in the gallery is a few years old here is one taken in May this year – and on that note I’ll catchya’s all later.



Fudgin’ Routers

It looks like it’s time for a new router, the grief this ones given me over the last few days with this site has been nothing short of immense!!

Anyhoo – it appears to be working again (touch wood) and hopefully it’ll stay working. Apart from that, what else have I been doin? In short, SOD ALL.
Been sortin through about 11,000 flash designs (tattoo flash), scrappin the trash and keepin the good stuff – I spose I’ll end up with between 9,500 to 10,000 different designs by the time I’m finished. Just sittin ‘ere listenin to Casting Crowns so I might sod off n relax.