Ciao Luciano

May the Angels lift you gently to Heaven, as your voice had lifted us so many times before.

I’m not an opera fan but one must agree the man had an amazing voice.


It’s not even friggin summer grrrrrrrr

Damn it’s been hot the last few days, and if this is any indication of what the upcoming summer is gunna be like then it’ll be my last here, I’ll go home.

Yes I can sit under an air conditioner but that gets boring pretty damn quick when it’s day in n day out and when the nights are stinkin hot and ya tryin to sleep that’s even worse.

Anyway, that’s my whine for the day. . .


Just because I can

Twll dîn pob Sais! 

Todos los ingleses son perros

Todos os ingleses são cães

Tutti gli inglesi sono cani

Alles Englisch ist Hunde

Tous anglais sont des chiens


Zend SUCKS!!!!!

Zend optimizer and all like it SUCK BIG TIME!!!!!!

Why script writers even bother using Zend is beyond me, it’s been proven that it can be decompiled just check google and see for yourself. If they don’t want their precious scripts ripped off then don’t release them to the general public – it’s that simple.

Zend are like Microsoft, it seems like they have their heads in the sand and are hoping that the decompilers will go away – but they won’t and with each successive release of their compiler, some clever bastard will work out how to get around it.

So why am I bitching?? Well I bought a script that is Zend compiled and my host is obviously having a problem as I can’t do didly with it until they sort the problem out and after three hours I’m still waiting. The script author has taken to not responding to emails now as well.

IMHO scrap Zend and release scripts as normal everyday php, to people who are willing to pay a little extra which most would if the script is decent – like I said, if ya that paranoid about losing your precious script DON’T RELEASE IT.


Still Waitin’ (oh wait I’ve used that subject)

Sod the subject, I’m still friggin waitin anyway!!

I bought some software off the net for use with a site I’m helping with and the receipt says you’ll get it via email within 1 – 2 hours, 24 hrs later n I’m still bloody waitin’



Now This Is Pleasing To See

The Bloodrock DVD and Stevie Hill’s solo album “Avalanche In Reverse” are now for sale at the Official Stevie Hill Website

For those that can remember back that far, Bloodrock kicked some serious rock butt – it’s a pity that the music critics of the day didn’t know their arses from their elbows and canned Bloodrock regularly and in my (and thousands of others) opinion couldn’t have been too bright if they couldn’t see how technically brilliant the band was. I think I better stop now or some critic from the day might come n get me and try to beat me up the head with his zimmer frame.

Also available as I’ve said is Stevie Hill’s solo “Avalanche In Reverse” I had the opportunity to hear a few tracks that made the album and for those that aren’t Bloodrock fans (It’s a must for you lot) you will find Steve’s writing as good if not better than the Bloodrock days, although Fantastic Piece Of Architecture is gunna be a toughy to beat 🙂 (sorry Steve, that’s a given buddy, you know my thoughts on that track).

So whatchya waitin for, go buy ’em – just click here


Site Stats and Idiots

I was just looking at the site logs for this domain and there was near 2,000 404’s – why? I hear you ask. Well what it is, is warez wankers looking for non-existent warez and the reason for looking, is I was using a different script to WordPress and the security out of the box was not the best so just about every directory had a redirect file in it (placed in there by a tool) thereby linking to warez or crackz pages etc.

The numbers are dropping (slowly) but here’s a snippet of this months:
url /xxxx_plugins/coppermine_menu/ratepic.php  number of hits 371 
url/xxxx_plugins/coppermine_menu/displayimage.php number of hits 269 
url /news.php number of hits 179

Realistically I should have secured the script a little better but in saying that it gets a little hard when the authors have it written in such a way that you have to leave some dirs open for it to work. Ehh the upshot is, all they get to see now is Mr Happy 😉

Mr. Happy or UP YOU!!

Oh well that’s my whine for the day 🙂


Whilst Scrounging

I was wandering through this pc looking for the graphics I need for my grandsons site (lost the originals in an upgrade) and I came across a scan of a plaque that me mam owns and I just lurv. I used to have it on a seperate page of the old website but ehh I’ll stick it here for all to enjoy 😉

It’s copyright Susan E Adams just so you know and I claim no hold over it apart from me mam owns it and I want it 😛

Plaque - Copyright Susan E Adams


Well this afternoon was fun

A fella who got the outline for a tribal sleeve dropped in a good few weeks back and asked if I could fix it seein as the boofhead that did it originally made a right balls up of it. He just wanted black but after a bitta yakkin he decided on blue tips with green.

The only problem is as you can see in the photo, the upper part of the arm needs work as the dipstick that did it confused his lines (you can’t see that) and an inner section that is sposed to be colour runs in to an open area that then becomes a coloured area so it’s going to be fun sorting that out. He also left a bloody big hole so Mark, the owner of the arm asked if I could stick a clown in it which I duly did 🙂 It’s getting there, I’ll be glad when it’s done (all colour and re-lined) and healed so you can see how bright the green is, it makes the bloody clown pop. A mate of his (Matt) is another full tribal arm I have to do, all black with grey wash seperators – geez I hate tribal…..

Work In Progress
Work In Progress

As soon as all the colour’s finished he wants it re-lined, which don’t stress me too much seein as I missed a bit on the clowns hair *eek* – not bad for someone who gave up tattoin’ on a full time basis some twenty years ago 😉



I’ll Huff n I’ll Puff

Bloody windy here the other day, so much so that it blew one tree over completely and split another one.

It’s never happened to me before so me being me, I took piccies 🙂

Splitsville It fell over all by itself - honest

This is what the yard looked like yesterday It’s amazing what a tree lopper can do

Oh well, I’ll just look around for more fast growing shade trees