Domain Name Expiry

I was checking as to when the domain names I own expire and it struck me that I really should fix up the contact details. Back when I reg’d the names, there was an Australian company trying to shonk people by sending them (by snail mail) bogus domain name renewal forms with way inflated prices. A couple of clients I had at the time received them, they even received emails, faxes, SMS messages – anything to get them to sign that bit of paper and pay 500% markup on the going rate at the time.

So where’s this leading you ask? Well, the addresses and phone numbers I used are made up 😛 – since this company has now been nailed to the wall by the Government may be I should be a nice laddie n fix mine up NOT!!!!!!!


Bloody Weather – Bloody Willy W

Grrrrrrrrr I hate the summer, plain n simple. It’s not that it’s hot, it’s just so bloody humid that if you fold your arms they stick together and hiding under an A/C all day is not the best of moves seeing as soon as the leccy bill comes in you end up needing a handful of medication for the shock.

Now as for Willy W, that’s William Wales or Prince William, or look at me, my family is descended from a bunch of tools who knicked Wales from the Welsh.

I s’pose as far as people go Willy might be ok, it’s the fact they use Wales as his surname, what’s with that shit, why don’t they use William Windsor or William Buckingham Palace or Highgrove or somewhere else the bastards own.

Mr. Happy or UP YOU!!


Well, The Leg’s Been Started


That’s the easiest way to put it. From something that wasn’t that big on me thigh, it now starts about inch, maybe an inch n arf below me hip and goes down to about the same distance from me knee and wraps around me leg – talk about a cover up 🙂 It was sposed to be a koi but coz of the large Kanji I ended up having to use the logo for Cardiff City Football Club – just took it outta the shield – ehh you’ll see it soon enuff.

Cardiff City

I ended up pikin out and not finishin it, about all I can remember from when it was bein done was “f**k me, yagaf**k, for f**k sake” I think you get the picture. Anyway, it’ll get finished at the end of next week, it’ll be healed enough by then and I’ll post the before and after shots.

While I’m waitin for that to heal, I’m gunna get the memorial tattoo for my tad-cu on my right calf tomorrow – he was in the Merchant Navy, died in 1939 so I never got to meet him. It’s a modified traditional design, the same basic design is going on my left calf as a memorial for my other tad-cu who passed away in 1952, someone else I didn’t get to meet. He was in the Pioneer Corps so the ship from the one that’s going on me right calf is being replaced with the Corps badge and the young lady has lost her naval hat in favour of a beret – oh what fun 🙂

This is what they look like
Both Leg Designs


Still Haven’t Got Me Leg Done

This is turning into a bleedin’ great saga – me backs still killin me and now I got a friggin ‘eadache – I tells ya what, old age sux


The Internet, Web Sites and Boredom

I didn’t get my leg done, my back was givin’ me too much gyp so I just twisted myself into a maniacal pretzel shape and wandered the ‘net.

Now this is an observation of mine. You may or may not agree, personally I don’t give a shit either way, so here we go. . .

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Time For More Ink

Actually a cover-up, I’ll post before and after pics tomorrow, I’m covering up the one on right right upper thigh, a japanese poem and some Kanji characters that I’ve just outgrown, plus the fact I did it meself so I was working upside down 😛 over 15 years ago. They’re being covered up with a rather large koi and associated water, that should be fun NOT 🙂 – at least it’s being done by another artist. . .

I just hope me back can handle layin in the one spot for ages, the bloody sciatica is playin up again. . .


Oh my achin’ foot

Like an idiot I decided to change the computer room around which pretty much meant tearing everything out. Anyway as I’m puttin’ it all back together I walked out to go to another room where I had stuff stacked and the carpet saver that goes under my chair (you know the type, smooth on top, spikes on bottom) had slid down the wall where it was left and ended up spikes up.

Now I regularly wander round in a semi comatose state 😛 and didn’t notice said spikes to which my right foot landed on rather heavily, which made me jump sideways and saw two toes on my left foot gettin jammed under a door, so after lotsa bleedin’ n me whinin’ like a big girl I put a band-aid on it n even a day after it’s killin me. . .

Oh well, stupid me 🙂

Apart from the desktop blowin up (usin me C600 at the mo), all’s quiet on the western front.