Forwards Yada Yada

Fitted the forward controls – wish the springer front end would hurry up though, can’t make up my mind what colour it’ll be until I get that fitted :O

Harley Davidson Fatboy

#Harley #Fatboy


Suzuki gone, Now it’s a Harley

Yes, I dropped over to the darkside and bought a 1998 Fatboy 😉 the annoying thing is some bastard stole the LTR points cover but for $5,000 I can spare another 20 bux for a points cover 😛 No idea what colour it’ll end up – only time will tell!!
#Harley #Fatboy


Facebook Sucks!

In early April 2017 my Dad passed away, late April I see his Facebook account is memorialised – fast forward to April 2018 and I’m still trying to get his account deleted. Sent these clowns all the info they ask for and still all I get is a canned response, I wonder how many more accounts such has his are there? Damn sure Facebook use them to artificially boost user numbers!


Getting There!!

Slowly Slowly Catchy Monkey – basically I’m getting there with the site rebuild 😉


New spares bike

Picked this up from auction for $750, 38k on the dash – excellent spares bike seeing as the NSW government made it a stat writeoff – cretins they are.

2004 VL1500


The VL1500 Suzuki

I think I’m satisfied with how it looks now painted in the colour I originally wanted which is Laverda Arancio!!
Suzuki Intruder


Been a While

Dang it’s been like forever since I’ve written here, prob won’t again for ages but anyway. Added a few more LP’s to the list, Harry Secombe, Roy Orbison, Jackie Wilson, Max Boyce, Some Various Artist Welsh LP’s, Yma Sumac, Jerry Lee Lewis, Don Estelle and more. They were all my Dads but I’ve now got them.
What else???? Oh bought a new bike – VL1500LC Suzuki a ’98 model ermm sold a few synths, done sod all really so on that note I’m orf’t.


The Death of the Community

When we first moved to where we currently are some 20+ years ago, there was a sense of community – but over the years that’s died along with everything else today.
I can remember when neighbours spoke over the fence and we were lucky, we had good neighbours on both sides – the rot began to set in when one set of neighbours sold up to an investor who rented the house out to any feral bastard that was willing to pay the rent. The neighbour on the other side, an elderly lady ended up in a care home so her housing department house ended up being rented to more feral wops who caused shed loads of trouble for years until they did a moonlight flit, now we have more feral neighbours – it seems like the housing department don’t care who they put in to their houses.
We’ve watched houses across the street turned in to glorified wop mini mansions, granny flats filling every available space which adds more car and foot traffic, the private school across the street turn in to a meeting place for out of the area yobbo’s, plus the obligatory drug dealers up the street.

The community feeling/spirit has died, more’s the pity. There was a time when you nearly always got a good morning/afternoon from someone walking down the street – doesn’t happen anymore, probably because people are either to wrapped up in their own existence or to paranoid in case they get abused, so it’s head down and pretend no-one is there.

It wasn’t that long ago that a 10 year old (age irrelevant – it was the first that came to mind) wouldn’t even consider giving cheek to an adult, today you’re lucky to not get a mouth full of foul language from the little bastards even after they’ve just smashed your letter box or tore out your flowers.

Today is the pre-cursor of tomorrow and continuing on its current path, man has little if anything to look forward to apart from work, and most only do that to exist. The pleasure of living somewhere where people communicated daily is gone. The pleasure of living somewhere where you could grow plants, have a nice garden etc is gone simply because of the yobbos who insist in trashing what YOU have just because they’re mindless little shits. The pleasure of living somewhere where you could sit in your garden and read a book in peace and quiet is gone due in no small part to the cramped living that the government is allowing without questioning whether or not it will impact the lives of those that have to live in and or around those cramped conditions.

Who does one blame? Well that’s fairly easy, the bloody greens, the PC brigade and the gutless government.

What would I do given the opportunity? Bloody move well away from the city, to somewhere where community standards still exist – antarctica perhaps <- sarcasm – probably somewhere small, the only problem is somewhere small usually means nil access to the internet, something I need as I need to send tracks to the studio.

Ehhh I suppose I could always buy a shotgun, that might bring back a sense of community spirit if I shoved it in the faces of feral neighbours and yobbos!!


Finally added the LP’s

As the title says, I finally got around to adding the LP’s from the previous post to the LP’s page – getting slack in my old age 😉


CD’s Updated and More

Just updated the CD list, don’t ask me what – I can’t remember the thirty or so I’d picked up since my last update, just did a cut and paste from the text file I keep the names in.
I should also add Edgar Froese’s – Aqua, Synergy’s – Electronic Realisations for Rock Orchestra and Tangerine Dream’s – Stratosfear to the LP list but I just couldn’t be bothered at the moment as I’m kernackered after finishing the item below – Adagio in G Minor, not as complex as I thought it was going to be and fun to do except when you get to the final mix *shudder*