S to T

Salamander – Ten Commandments (U.K.)
Sameti – Sameti (Germany)
Saratoga – Saratoga (Spain)
Saurom – Juglarmetal (Spain)
Saurom Lamderth – El Guardian De Las Melodias Perdidas (Spain)
Saurom Lamderth – Sombras Del Este (Spain)
Scorpions – Blackout (Germany)
Scotty Bratcher Band – Scotty (USA)
Secret Garden – Dawn Of A New Century (Norway)
Secret Garden – Dreamcatcher (Norway)
Secret Garden – Earthsongs (Norway)
Secret Garden – Once In A Red Moon (Norway)
Senogul – III (Spain)
Serenity – Death & Legacy (Austria)
Sergio Dalma – A Buena Hora (Spain)
Sergio Dalma – Adivina (Spain)
Sergio Dalma – Cuerpo A Cuerpo (Spain)
Sergio Dalma – De Coleccion (Spain)
Sergio Dalma – De Otro Color (Spain)
Sergio Dalma – En Concerto (Spain)
Sergio Dalma – Esa Chica Es Mia (Spain)
Sergio Dalma – Historias Normales (Spain)
Sergio Dalma – Lo Mejor De Sergio Dalma (Spain)
Sergio Dalma – Nueva Vida (Spain)
Sergio Dalma – Sintiendonos La Piel (Spain)
Sergio Dalma – Solo Para Ti (Spain)
Sergio Dalma – Todo Lo Que Quieres (Spain)
Sergio Dalma – Trece (Spain)
Sergio Dalma – Via Dalma (Spain)
Seventh Wave – Things To Come & Psi-Fi (U.K.)
Silent Force – The Empire Of Future (Germany)
Sinultimata – Carnival of the Animals and Other Enigmas (U.K.)
Sinultimata – Dychwelyd y Ddraig Goch (U.K.)
Sinultimata – Eight (U.K.)
Sinultimata – Electribute (U.K.)
Sinultimata – Intimate Moments Live in the Garden (U.K.)
Sinultimata – Letters to Daddy (U.K.)
Sinultimata – Origenes (U.K.)
Sinultimata – Pinturas de las Fobias (U.K.)
Sinultimata – Remembrance (A Random Collection Of Favourites) (U.K.)
Sinultimata – Sueño’s de Chile (U.K.)
Sinultimata – Suite Española (U.K.)
Sky – Ariola (U.K.)
Sky – Cadmium (U.K.)
Sky – Khemennu (Land Of The Moon) (U.K.)
Sky – Sky (U.K.)
Sky – Sky 2 (U.K.)
Sky – Sky 3 (U.K.)
Sky – Sky 4 – Forthcoming (U.K.)
Sky – Sky 5 Live (U.K.)
Skyhooks – The Latest And Greatest (Australia)
Slade – Slade Alive (U.K.)
Smash – Glorieta De Los Lotos (Spain)
Smile – Gettin’ Smile (U.K.)
Smile – Ghost Of A Smile (U.K.)
Snowdonia – Pallas (Spain)
Snowdonia – Snowdonia (Spain)
Soniq Circus – Reflections In The Hourglass (Sweden)
Sperrmull – Sperrmull (Germany)
Stackridge – Stackridge (U.K.)
Starcastle – Citadel (USA)
Starcastle – Fountains Of Light (USA)
Starcastle – Real To Reel (USA)
Starcastle – Song Of Times (USA)
Status Quo – 1+9+8+2 (U.K.)
Status Quo – Ain’t Complaining (U.K.)
Status Quo – Back To Back (U.K.)
Status Quo – Blue For You (U.K.)
Status Quo – Bula Quo! [2 CD] (U.K.)
Status Quo – Dog of Two Heads (U.K.)
Status Quo – Don’t Stop (U.K.)
Status Quo – Famous In The Last Century (U.K.)
Status Quo – Heavy Traffic (U.K.)
Status Quo – Hello! (U.K.)
Status Quo – If You Can’t Stand The Heat (U.K.)
Status Quo – In Search Of The Fourth Chord (U.K.)
Status Quo – In The Army Now (U.K.)
Status Quo – Just Supposin’ (U.K.)
Status Quo – Ma Kelly’s Greasy Spoon (U.K.)
Status Quo – Never Too Late (U.K.)
Status Quo – On The Level (U.K.)
Status Quo – Perfect Remedy (U.K.)
Status Quo – Picturesque Matchstickable Messages From The Status Quo (U.K.)
Status Quo – Piledriver (U.K.)
Status Quo – Quid Pro Quo [2 CD] (U.K.)
Status Quo – Quo (U.K.)
Status Quo – Rock ‘Til You Drop (U.K.)
Status Quo – Rockin’ All Over The World (U.K.)
Status Quo – Spare Parts (U.K.)
Status Quo – Status Quo Live! (U.K.)
Status Quo – The Party Ain’t Over Yet (U.K.)
Status Quo – Thirsty Work (U.K.)
Status Quo – Under The Influence (U.K.)
Status Quo – Whatever You Want (U.K.)
Steelheart – Tangled in Reins (USA)
Steve Hill – Demo (USA)
Steve Howe – Beginnings (U.K.)
Steve Howe – Elements (U.K.)
Steve Howe – GTR (with Steve Hackett) (U.K.)
Steve Howe – Homebrew (U.K.)
Steve Howe – Homebrew 2 (U.K.)
Steve Howe – Homebrew 3 (U.K.)
Steve Howe – Homebrew 4 (U.K.)
Steve Howe – Live in Glasgow (bootleg) (U.K.)
Steve Howe – Masterpiece Guitars (with Martin Taylor) (U.K.)
Steve Howe – Mothballs (U.K.)
Steve Howe – Motif Volume 1 (U.K.)
Steve Howe – Natural Timbre (U.K.)
Steve Howe – Not Necessarily Acoustic (U.K.)
Steve Howe – Portraits of Bob Dylan (U.K.)
Steve Howe – Quantum Guitar (U.K.)
Steve Howe – Seraphim (with Paul Sutin) (U.K.)
Steve Howe – Skyline (U.K.)
Steve Howe – Spectrum (U.K.)
Steve Howe – The 3 Ages of Magick (with Oliver Wakeman) (U.K.)
Steve Howe – The Early Years with Bodast (U.K.)
Steve Howe – The Grand Scheme Of Things (U.K.)
Steve Howe – The Haunted Melody (U.K.)
Steve Howe – The Steve Howe Album (U.K.)
Steve Howe – Time (U.K.)
Steve Howe – Transportation (with Billy Currie) (U.K.)
Steve Howe – Turbulence (U.K.)
Steve Howe – Voyagers (with Paul Sutin) (U.K.)
Steve Stevens – Atomic Playboys (USA)
Steve Winwood – Roll With It (U.K.)
Stevie Wonder – A Time To Love (USA)
Stevie Wonder – Fulfillingness` First Finale (USA)
Stevie Wonder – Innervisions (USA)
Stevie Wonder – Songs In The Key Of Life (USA)
Stevie Wonder – Talking Book (USA)
Street Talk – Restoration (Germany)
Stryken – First Strike (USA)
Stryper – Against The Law (USA)
Stryper – Can’t Stop The Rock (USA)
Stryper – In God We Trust (USA)
Stryper – Live In America (USA)
Stryper – Murder By Pride (USA)
Stryper – No More Hell To Pay (USA)
Stryper – Reborn (USA)
Stryper – Soldiers Under Command (USA)
Stryper – The Covering (USA)
Stryper – The Yellow And Black Attack (USA)
Stryper – To Hell With The Devil (USA)
Styx – Big Bang Theory (USA)
Styx – Brave New World (USA)
Styx – Caught In The Act (USA)
Styx – Cornerstone (USA)
Styx – Crystal Ball (USA)
Styx – Cyclorama (USA)
Styx – Edge Of The Century (USA)
Styx – Equinox (USA)
Styx – Kilroy Was Here (USA)
Styx – Man Of Miracles (USA)
Styx – Paradise Theater (USA)
Styx – Pieces Of Eight (USA)
Styx – Styx I (USA)
Styx – Styx II (USA)
Styx – The Grand Illusion (USA)
Styx – The Live Illusion (USA)
Styx – The Serpent Is Rising (USA)
Supertramp – 70 10 Tour Live in Madrid (U.K.)
Supertramp – Breakfast In America (U.K.)
Supertramp – Brother Where You Bound (U.K.)
Supertramp – Crime Of The Century (U.K.)
Supertramp – Crisis, What Crisis (U.K.)
Supertramp – Even In The Quietest Moments (U.K.)
Supertramp – Famous Last Words (U.K.)
Supertramp – Free As A Bird (U.K.)
Supertramp – Indelibly Stamped (U.K.)
Supertramp – Slow Motion (U.K.)
Supertramp – Some Things Never Change (U.K.)
Syd Barrett – Barrett (U.K.)
Syndone – Odysseas (Italy)
Synergy – Electronic Realisations for Rock Orchestra (U.K.)
Synergy – Sequencer (USA)

Tangerine Dream – 220 Volt Live (Germany)
Tangerine Dream – Alpha Centauri (Germany)
Tangerine Dream – Antique Dreams (Germany)
Tangerine Dream – Atem (Germany)
Tangerine Dream – Cyclone (Germany)
Tangerine Dream – Destination Berlin (Soundtrack) (Germany)
Tangerine Dream – Dream Encores (Germany)
Tangerine Dream – Electronic Meditation (Germany)
Tangerine Dream – Encore (Germany)
Tangerine Dream – Exit (Germany)
Tangerine Dream – Finnegan’s Wake (Germany)
Tangerine Dream – Force Majeure (Germany)
Tangerine Dream – Franz Kafka The Castle (Germany)
Tangerine Dream – Goblins’ Club (Germany)
Tangerine Dream – Green Desert (Germany)
Tangerine Dream – House of Blues (Germany)
Tangerine Dream – Hyperborea (Germany)
Tangerine Dream – Inferno (Germany)
Tangerine Dream – Le Parc (Germany)
Tangerine Dream – Legend (Soundtrack) (Germany)
Tangerine Dream – Lily on the Beach (Germany)
Tangerine Dream – Logos (Germany)
Tangerine Dream – Machu Picchu (Germany)
Tangerine Dream – Mala Kunia (Germany)
Tangerine Dream – Mars Polaris (Germany)
Tangerine Dream – Melrose (Germany)
Tangerine Dream – Mona Da Vinci (Germany)
Tangerine Dream – Optical Race (Germany)
Tangerine Dream – Phaedra (Germany)
Tangerine Dream – Poland (Germany)
Tangerine Dream – Quichotte – Pergamon (Germany)
Tangerine Dream – Quinoa (Germany)
Tangerine Dream – Ricochet (Germany)
Tangerine Dream – Rockoon (Germany)
Tangerine Dream – Rubycon (Germany)
Tangerine Dream – Sorcerer (Soundtrack) (Germany)
Tangerine Dream – Stratosfear (Germany)
Tangerine Dream – Tangram (Germany)
Tangerine Dream – The Angel from the West Window (Germany)
Tangerine Dream – The Island of the Fay (Germany)
Tangerine Dream – The Private Music of Tangerine Dream (Germany)
Tangerine Dream – The Seven Letters From Tibet (Germany)
Tangerine Dream – Thief (Soundtrack) (Germany)
Tangerine Dream – Turn Of The Tides (Germany)
Tangerine Dream – Tyger (Germany)
Tangerine Dream – Tyranny of Beauty (Germany)
Tangerine Dream – Underwater Sunlight (Germany)
Tangerine Dream – White Eagle (Germany)
Tangerine Dream – Zeit (Germany)
Tapiman – Tapiman (Spain)
Ten Years After – A Space In Time (U.K.)
Ten Years After – About Time (U.K.)
Ten Years After – Alvin Lee And Company (U.K.)
Ten Years After – BBC Sessions (U.K.)
Ten Years After – Boston Theatre WBCN (U.K.)
Ten Years After – Cricklewood Green (U.K.)
Ten Years After – Evolution (U.K.)
Ten Years After – Firenze Italy (U.K.)
Ten Years After – Goin’ Home (U.K.)
Ten Years After – I’m Going Home (U.K.)
Ten Years After – Live 1990 (U.K.)
Ten Years After – Live At The Fillmore East (U.K.)
Ten Years After – Live in Lyons (U.K.)
Ten Years After – Live in Philadelphia (U.K.)
Ten Years After – Live in Seattle ’69 (U.K.)
Ten Years After – Live Zofingen Switzerland (U.K.)
Ten Years After – Love Like A Man (U.K.)
Ten Years After – Milano Italy (U.K.)
Ten Years After – Now (U.K.)
Ten Years After – Positive Vibrations (U.K.)
Ten Years After – Pure Blues (U.K.)
Ten Years After – Recorded Live (U.K.)
Ten Years After – Roadworks (U.K.)
Ten Years After – Rock & Roll Music To The World (U.K.)
Ten Years After – Solid Rock (U.K.)
Ten Years After – Ssssh (U.K.)
Ten Years After – Stonedhenge (U.K.)
Ten Years After – Ten Years After (U.K.)
Ten Years After – The Collection (U.K.)
Ten Years After – The Essential Collection (U.K.)
Ten Years After – The Lost BBC Sessions (U.K.)
Ten Years After – Think About The Times – The Chrysalis Years 1969-1972 (U.K.)
Ten Years After – Undead (U.K.)
Ten Years After – Watt (U.K.)
Texas Music Machine – Texas Gold (USA)
The Allstar Project – Into The Ivory Tower (Portugal)
The Amboy Dukes – Migration (USA)
The Amboy Dukes – Survival Of The Fittest (USA)
The Artist One – Exodus IV, Part One (USA)
The Baker Gurvitz Army – The Baker Gurvitz Army (U.K.)
The Beatles – 62 To 66 (U.K.)
The Beatles – 67 To 70 (U.K.)
The Beatles – A Hard Day’s Night (U.K.)
The Beatles – Abbey Road (U.K.)
The Beatles – Ballads (U.K.)
The Beatles – Beatles for Sale (U.K.)
The Beatles – Help! (U.K.)
The Beatles – Let It Be (U.K.)
The Beatles – Magical Mystery Tour (U.K.)
The Beatles – Please Please Me (U.K.)
The Beatles – Revolver (U.K.)
The Beatles – Rubber Soul (U.K.)
The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (U.K.)
The Beatles – The Beatles (U.K.)
The Beatles – With the Beatles (U.K.)
The Beatles – Yellow Submarine (U.K.)
The Canaries – Flying High With The Canaries (Spain)
The Corrs – Borrowed Heaven (U.K.)
The Corrs – Forgiven, Not Forgotten (U.K.)
The Corrs – Home (U.K.)
The Corrs – In Blue (U.K.)
The Corrs – Talk On Corners (U.K.)
The Corrs – The Best Of The Corrs (U.K.)
The Doors – L.A. Woman (USA)
The Doors – The Doors (USA)
The Doors – The Very Best Of 40th (USA)
The Elastic Band – Expansions On Life (U.K.)
The Goon Show (U.K.)
The Kinks – Arthur Or The Decline And Fall Of The British Empire (U.K.)
The Kinks – BBC Sessions 1964-1977 (U.K.)
The Kinks – Everybody’s In Show Biz (U.K.)
The Kinks – Face To Face (U.K.)
The Kinks – Give The People What They Want (U.K.)
The Kinks – Kinda Kinks (U.K.)
The Kinks – Kinks (U.K.)
The Kinks – Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society (U.K.)
The Kinks – Lola Versus Powerman And The Moneygoround (U.K.)
The Kinks – Low Budget (U.K.)
The Kinks – Misfits (U.K.)
The Kinks – Muswell Hillbillies (U.K.)
The Kinks – One For The Road (U.K.)
The Kinks – Percy (U.K.)
The Kinks – Phobia (U.K.)
The Kinks – Preservation Act 1 (U.K.)
The Kinks – Preservation Act 2 (U.K.)
The Kinks – Schoolboys In Disgrace (U.K.)
The Kinks – Sleepwalker (U.K.)
The Kinks – Soap Opera (U.K.)
The Kinks – Something Else By The Kinks (U.K.)
The Kinks – State Of Confusion (U.K.)
The Kinks – The Great Lost Kinks Album (U.K.)
The Kinks – The Kink Kontroversy (U.K.)
The Kinks – Think Visual (U.K.)
The Kinks – To The Bone (U.K.)
The Kinks – UK Jive (U.K.)
The Kinks – Word Of Mouth (U.K.)
The Kinks – You Really Got Me – The Very Best Of The Kinks (U.K.)
The Mars Volta – Noctorniquet (USA)
The Monkees – Greatest Hits (USA)
The Moody Blues – A Question Of Balance (U.K.)
The Moody Blues – Caught Live +5 (U.K.)
The Moody Blues – Days Of Future Passed (U.K.)
The Moody Blues – December (U.K.)
The Moody Blues – Keys Of The Kingdom (U.K.)
The Moody Blues – Long Distance Voyager (U.K.)
The Moody Blues – Octave (U.K.)
The Moody Blues – Seventh Sojourn (U.K.)
The Moody Blues – Sur La Mer (U.K.)
The Moody Blues – The Other Side Of Life (U.K.)
The Moody Blues – This Is The Moody Blues (U.K.)
The Moody Blues – To Our Children (U.K.)
The Nice – Ars Longa Vita Brevis (U.K.)
The Nice – Autumn 1967 – Spring 1968 (U.K.)
The Nice – Elegy (U.K.)
The Nice – Five Bridges (U.K.)
The Nice – Keith Emerson With The Nice (U.K.)
The Nice – Live At The Fillmore East (U.K.)
The Nice – The Nice Collection (U.K.)
The Nice – The Thoughts Of Emerlist Davjack (U.K.)
The Priests – The Priests (U.K.)
The Rev. Jimmie Bratcher – Secretly Famous (USA)
The Rolling Stones – 12 X 5 (U.K.)
The Rolling Stones – Aftermath (U.K.)
The Rolling Stones – Atlantic City ’89 (U.K.)
The Rolling Stones – Beggars Banquet (U.K.)
The Rolling Stones – Between The Buttons (U.K.)
The Rolling Stones – Big Hits High Tide Green Grass (U.K.)
The Rolling Stones – Black And Blue (U.K.)
The Rolling Stones – Bridges To Babylon (U.K.)
The Rolling Stones – December’s Children (U.K.)
The Rolling Stones – Dirty Work (U.K.)
The Rolling Stones – Emotional Rescue (U.K.)
The Rolling Stones – Exile On Main Street (U.K.)
The Rolling Stones – Flashpoint (U.K.)
The Rolling Stones – Flowers (U.K.)
The Rolling Stones – Forty Licks (U.K.)
The Rolling Stones – Get Yer Ya – Ya s Out! (U.K.)
The Rolling Stones – Goat’s Head Soup (U.K.)
The Rolling Stones – Got Live If You Want It (U.K.)
The Rolling Stones – Hot Rocks, 1964 – 1971 (U.K.)
The Rolling Stones – It’s Only Rock n’ Roll (U.K.)
The Rolling Stones – Jump Back (Remastered) (U.K.)
The Rolling Stones – Let It Bleed (U.K.)
The Rolling Stones – Love You Live (U.K.)
The Rolling Stones – Made In The Shade (U.K.)
The Rolling Stones – Metamorphosis (U.K.)
The Rolling Stones – More Hot Rocks (Big Hits And Fazed Cookies) (U.K.)
The Rolling Stones – No Security (U.K.)
The Rolling Stones – Out Of Our Heads (U.K.)
The Rolling Stones – Rewind (U.K.)
The Rolling Stones – Rock And Roll Circus (U.K.)
The Rolling Stones – Singles Collection The London Years (U.K.)
The Rolling Stones – Some Girls (U.K.)
The Rolling Stones – Steel Wheels (U.K.)
The Rolling Stones – Sticky Fingers (U.K.)
The Rolling Stones – Still Life (U.K.)
The Rolling Stones – Stripped (U.K.)
The Rolling Stones – Sucking In The Seventies (U.K.)
The Rolling Stones – Tattoo You (U.K.)
The Rolling Stones – The Rolling Stones & Muddy Waters – Sweet Home Chicago (U.K.)
The Rolling Stones – The Rolling Stones (U.K.)
The Rolling Stones – The Rolling Stones No.2 (U.K.)
The Rolling Stones – The Rolling Stones, Now! (U.K.)
The Rolling Stones – Their Satanic Majesties Request (U.K.)
The Rolling Stones – Through The Past Darkly (Big Hits 2) (U.K.)
The Rolling Stones – Undercover (U.K.)
The Rolling Stones – Unplugged (U.K.)
The Rolling Stones – Unreleased Decca Live Album (U.K.)
The Rolling Stones – Voodoo Lounge (U.K.)
The Simpsons – The Simpsons Sing The Blues (USA)
The Soft Machine – Fifth (U.K.)
The Soft Machine – Fourth (U.K.)
The Soft Machine – One (U.K.)
The Soft Machine – Seven (U.K.)
The Soft Machine – Six (U.K.)
The Soft Machine – Softs (U.K.)
The Soft Machine – Third (U.K.)
The Soft Machine – Two (U.K.)
The Stooges – Fun House (USA)
The Stooges – The Stooges (USA)
The Storm – Storm (Spain)
The Yardbirds – BBC Sessions 1965 – 1968 (U.K.)
The Yardbirds – Birdland (U.K.)
The Yardbirds – Five Live Yardbirds (U.K.)
The Yardbirds – For Your Love (U.K.)
The Yardbirds – Greatest Hits Complete Album
The Yardbirds – Having A Rave Up (U.K.)
The Yardbirds – Little Games Additional Studio Recordings And BBC Sessions (U.K.)
The Yardbirds – Live Yardbirds (U.K.)]
The Yardbirds – Live! Blueswailing (U.K.)
The Yardbirds – Roger The Engineer (U.K.)
The Yardbirds – Sonny Boy Williamson II and The Yardbirds – Live At The Crawdaddy Club (U.K.)
The Yardbirds – The Yardbirds (U.K.)
Third Day – Chronology, Vol 1 (USA)
Third Day – Come Together (USA)
Third Day – Conspiracy Nº5 (USA)
Third Day – Live Revelations (USA)
Third Day – Live Wire (USA)
Third Day – Miracle (USA)
Third Day – Move (USA)
Third Day – Offerings (USA)
Third Day – Offerings II (USA)
Third Day – Revelation (USA)
Third Day – Time (USA)
Third Day – Wherever You Are (USA)
Third Day – Wire (USA)
Tibet – Tibet (Germany)
Tom Jones – Long Lost Suitcase (U.K.)
Tom Jones – Praise And Blame (U.K.)
Tommy Bolin – Selections From The Ultimate (USA)
Tommy Bolin – Teaser (USA)
Tommy Bolin & Friends – Great Gypsy Soul (USA)
Tony Baena – Burning Spirit (Spain)
Tony Iommi – Fused (With Glenn Hughes) (U.K.)
Tony Iommi – The 96 Dep Sessions With Glenn Hughes (U.K.)
Tony Martin – Back Where I Belong (U.K.)
Tony Martin – Scream (U.K.)
Traffic – Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys (U.K.)
Traffic – Shoot Out At The Fantasy Factory (U.K.)
Traffic – Traffic (U.K.)
Traffic – Welcome To The Canteen (U.K.)
Traffic – When The Eagle Flies (U.K.)
Trapeze – 1970 (U.K.)
Trapeze – Hold On (U.K.)
Trapeze – Hot Wire (U.K.)
Trapeze – Live In Texas (Dead Armadillos) (U.K.)
Trapeze – Medusa (U.K.)
Trapeze – Trapeze (U.K.)
Trapeze – You Are The Music..We’re Just The Band (U.K.)
Trasgu – La Isla De Helice (Spain)
Tredegar – Tredegar (U.K.)
Triade – La Storia Di Sabazio (Italy)
Triana – El Patio (Spain)
Triana – Hijos Del Agobio (Spain)
Triana – Sombra Y Luz (Spain)
Tricantropus – El Sueno De Arsinoe (Spain)
Tricantropus – Recuerdos Del Futuro (Spain)
Triumvirat – a la Carte (Germany)
Triumvirat – Illusion On A Double Dimple (Germany)
Triumvirat – Mediterranean Tales (Germany)
Triumvirat – Old Loves Die Hard (Germany)
Triumvirat – Pompeii (Germany)
Triumvirat – Spartacus (Germany)
Trumvirat – Russian Roulette (Germany)
Tumulto – Raices (Chile)
Tumulto – Tumulto (Chile)