The Dinosaur That Is FIFA

I’ve said for a long time that FIFA needs a total rebuild, but not being in the privileged position of being able to take back-handers and under the table payments pretty much excuses me from being able to do anything – much the same as any other football fan.

Personally now with Blatter semi-stepping down, those in the background should be looking at bringing the game in to the 21st century and utilizing technology to get shot of the on field cheats so when Blatter finally leaves, the game itself will be in a stronger place.
For years I’ve said things like goal line technology was needed, as is a video ref and a great case in point for a video ref would be Thierry Henry’s blatant handball for France against the Republic of Ireland – a game France won. Now after the calls for handball from the Irish players the captain should have had the right to call for a video ref to double check – he (the video ref) would only see what the rest of the world saw, a player blatantly cheating. A video ref could be used for divers, along with other attempts at cheating, VIDEO DOESN’T LIE!

Would a video ref be of any use in football? Well rugby league seems to thinks so, rugby union seems to think so, even tennis has technology to sort out line ball issues, FIFA (or is it just Blatter) in its wonderous gilded cage is oblivious to the fact that SOMETHING needs to be done aside from lining their own pockets.
Do I think a video ref will see the light of day in football? Fat bloody chance, there are too many dinosaurs running FIFA, the FA, FAW, etc etc.

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Added Two More LP’s To The List

Added The Vertigo Trip which cost me all of 70 bux and damn near mint and it includes the oft missing poster.

The Vertigo TripMine is actually better looking than this copy.
and Neuronium’s Heritage which was like 5 bux.
Neuronium - Heritage
The pictures are net steals coz I couldn’t be bothered taking pics


World Naked Bike Ride Day – WTF???

Now I know for a fact the world has gone mad.

I know I shouldn’t be trolling the news sites but some just make me laugh me head off, stories as such as this one. World Naked Bike Ride Day or what ever the hell it’s called. They (the organisers) had to call the cops in coz some dude cracked a boner BAHAHAHAHAHAHA woddadick!!!

The story is here


God should be a SHE: Church of England’s female priests call to end ‘male imagery’


Just because you can, why would you when the logic is not there. Considering you can’t call a woman ‘Father’ unless of course you’re a twisted woman with a seriously politically bent agenda.
Do us all a favour and SHUT UP. I tell you what if the C.of.E allow more of this PC rubbish I can see the coffers of the Catholic Church expanding immensely as C of E’s switch over to the Catholic Church.

The full story is here and or here

Bloody world’s getting nuttier and nuttier every day!!


Facebook – the last bastion of the sad, thick and generally idiotic.

I’ve decided to give Facebook the flick simply because it is now so full of shit that it has passed its use-by date. Who seriously is interested in such things as ‘Oh look my pit-bull just bit his first postman‘ or ‘I’m going to the shops to buy a new dress for the cat’ or perhaps ‘I just ate a whole pizza and the cardboard box it came in and I’m still hungry.‘ Then there are the endless hoax pictures that get posted, Bill Gates will give you NOTHING, no your computer is not infected with the flu virus, no the child in the picture won’t get life saving surgery if the picture gets a million likes – you plebs.

I will go back to play two games but if they’re available for the iPad I’ll just put them on that and play them there as it’s easier than waiting for dozens of mindless posts, and the even more mindless suggestions.
Facebook, Zuckerberg – I am not interested in *C*rap music, dance, hip-hop, performers who call themselves musicians who just use a mass of samples stolen from REAL musicians, nor am I interested in American Football, Rugby League, Tennis or anything else you feel like adding to the ‘Trending’ or ‘Nearby Places’ or ‘Games You May Like.’

Facebook, you may feel you need to know what university I went to, or who I am married to or what I do for a living (yeh yeh it helps to connect) BUT I feel you are a bunch of nosey pricks who should mind their own business – ‘I’ will give you the information ‘I’ want to give NOT what you DEMAND I give!

In short, the sooner people realise that Facebook is nowt but a personal information farm the sooner it will slip off in to the obscurity from whence it came – that being drug fucked uni students. With that said, I am now going to write here and here only unless of course I see something on Facebook that requires a response and if you want to read what I’ve written you’ll have to do it here aye 😛



The Steve Hill Demo Tape

I was on the hunt in the shed looking for some bits to make the synth stand three tier when I came across a box of stored tapes and papers so I got side-tracked and sat with them for an hour. Most of things in the box weren’t of any great value until I came across a sealed package that contained a cassette of demo’s that Steve Hill (Bloodrock’s keyboard player) had sent me along with a hand written note plus photo’s – to say I was stoked to relocate them would be an understatement so now they are locked up safe in the cupboard, I did however transfer the tape to the PC through the trusty Behringer mixer so it lost nothing of its sound quality.
Listening to it while recording it re-affirmed that Stevie was a brilliant keyboard player and writer, and is sadly missed – I can happily say he was a friend and shall never be forgotten “Cheers Mate”
Oh and before you even consider asking if you can have a copy, forget it – you’ll have two chances and they are bugger all and none!
Steve Hill Demo Tape
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Tidy Up

After what seems like an eon, I decided to change the site up a bit. What did I do to achieve this? I made a new theme 😉 oh and Yr Wyf Cymraeg, to save you looking for what that means, it’s I Am Welsh.

Apart from that, been doing bugger all except building a new carport in between writing music for “8” but that’s not due out ’til August so s’all good, just keep an eye on the Sinultimata website – however I will be doing some vocals over the next few days for a different project, so that’s going to be fun (I think) 😛

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